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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Year-End Donation

As the year draws to a close, our ‘Year-End Donation at Tennessee Valley Railroad’ blog series focuses on the significance of end-of-year giving and how it supports the museum’s mission. These posts highlight the various projects and initiatives that benefit from your generosity, from restoring vintage locomotives to educational outreach programs. They also offer insights into tax benefits and ways to maximize the impact of your contributions. Join us in this series to understand the vital role your year-end donations play in keeping the legacy of railroading alive and thriving at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.

Help Preserve Rail History at TVRM

Support TVRM’s Journey Into 2023: A Call for Donations As the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) reflects on over six decades of preserving railway heritage, it’s clear that our journey has been one marked by perseverance and community support. Over 61 years, we’ve faced numerous challenges, but our achievements have consistently outshined our setbacks. This…

Call for Support: Continuing the Legacy of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

A Journey Fueled by Success Over our sixty-one years, TVRM has seen more than our share of challenges. Overall, our successes have outpaced our failures as evidenced by our rolling stock, staff, facilities and visitation. TVRM has weathered many of the recent storms with help from our freight business, returning passenger events, tight control of…