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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

X252 caboose

Dive into the history and restoration of the X252 Caboose at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Our blog offers a detailed look at this iconic piece of railroad heritage, tracing its journey from operational use to becoming a cherished exhibit. Learn about the unique features of the X252, the restoration process undertaken by our dedicated team, and the stories it holds from its days on the tracks. These posts are a tribute to the enduring legacy of cabooses in railroading and showcase TVRM’s commitment to preserving these historical treasures.

X252 Caboose: Summerville’s Holiday Star

Cherish the Season: X252 Caboose Arrives for Summerville’s Festive Display The holiday spirit chugs along to Summerville this year with a very special guest: the historic X252 caboose, formerly of the Savannah and Atlanta railway, is rolling into town for a seasonal showcase. This vibrant piece of railroading history will be joining the festive fray…