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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

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Captivating Encounter with Norfolk Southern: Southern Railway E8 No. 6914 in Historic Meet-up

For Wednesday’s Atlanta bound NS inspection train, TVRM placed Southern Railway E8 6914, Central of Georgia combine car 390, TAG 80 and Southern Railway 50 on display at the end of the interchange track at Grand Junction.  In these two shots by Mike Ray you see the passing train and the display equipment and then…

Smoke & Cinders (1st Quarter 2018) – It All Started with A Birthday Party

A Birthday Party That Ignited A Passion For Trains: A Journey with Robert Frye It all started innocently with a birthday party on a sunny day at Grand Junction. As my wife, April, and I arrived at the platform, the air was filled with the energetic tunes of a Swing band. It was there…