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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Train Museums

The Train Museums section of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum News and Update blog serves as a global tour of railway heritage, taking readers to various train museums around the world. This segment is dedicated to sharing insights and stories from a multitude of train museums, each rich in history and filled with a unique array of exhibits. Our articles are crafted with a focus on the educational value and historical significance of these institutions, highlighting their role in preserving and showcasing the legacy of rail transportation. From the oldest locomotives to the most modern rail innovations, we cover a diverse range of topics, providing an authoritative and engaging narrative on the evolution of trains and their impact on society. Whether it’s an in-depth look at a specific exhibit, an overview of a museum’s history, or an exploration of the cultural significance of railroading in different regions, each post is an invitation to expand your knowledge and appreciation for the fascinating world of train museums. Join us on this enriching journey through the past and present of railroading, as we explore the treasures housed in train museums across the globe.

Exploring History: Central of Georgia RR’s Engine 1535 at TVRM

Exploring History: Central of Georgia RR’s Engine 1535 at TVRM In the heart of Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s (TVRM) remarkable collection lies a gem that resonates with the echoes of the early 20th century – Engine 1535 of the Central of Georgia Railroad. This magnificent locomotive, situated in the Macon shops, dates back to 1910,…

Locomotive 349: A Journey Through Time at TVRM

The Timeless Tale of Locomotive 349: A Glimpse into Railroad History We’re excited to share another gem from our collection at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM): Locomotive 349, captured in its glory on the Bowdon Railroad back in the 1950s. This remarkable engine, built by Baldwin in 1891 and originally numbered 557 for the…