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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Train Exhibits

Delve into the fascinating world of Train Exhibits at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum with our dedicated blog tag. This tag highlights the extensive collection of historic trains and related artifacts on display, providing a comprehensive look into the evolution of railroading. Our posts explore the detailed histories, unique features, and the restoration stories of these exhibits, offering a rich educational experience. Perfect for enthusiasts and families alike, these articles illuminate the significance of each exhibit, connecting visitors to the diverse and storied past of American rail travel.

Experience Vintage Railways with TVRM This Weekend!

Discover Rail Heritage This January with TVRM’s Vintage Train Rides! Step into a world of railway heritage this January weekend at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM). Join us for an enriching ride on the Missionary Ridge Local, powered by one of our meticulously restored vintage diesel locomotives. Riding the Missionary Ridge Local is more…