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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Tea Lovers

Explore posts tagged under ‘Tea Lovers’ to immerse yourself in a world steeped in tradition, from the art of tea brewing to charming tea ceremonies and events like TVRM’s Homefront Tea Room. Perfect for those with a passion for tea culture!

Delight in Friday Afternoon Tea at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum: Book Now!

Hello, tea enthusiasts and rail history buffs! We’re beyond excited to announce the addition of a special event in our calendar that combines these two passions – our brand-new Friday Tea at 11:00 am at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum! Experience an exceptional afternoon of elegance and tradition in our Homefront Tea Room, savoring delicious…

Experience Vintage Charm: More Dates Added for TVRM’s Homefront Tea Room 2023 Season

TVRM is happy to announce the addition of more dates for The Homefront Tea Room 2023 season. Join us for this popular experience and enjoy delicious tea along with traditional tea treats in a charming, historic train depot setting. Book your reservation at The Homefront Tea Room Book Now! More Opportunities to Enjoy TVRM’s Homefront Tea…