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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

TAG Railway

Dive into the fascinating history of the Tennessee Alabama and Georgia (TAG) Railway at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum News and Update blog. This section illuminates the pivotal role of the TAG Railway in regional transportation and its impact on the development of the Southeastern United States. Our posts explore the railway’s rich heritage, from its inception to its operations and the unique stories of the people and places connected to it. Perfect for history enthusiasts and rail fans alike, these stories bring to life the intriguing legacy of a railway that was not just a mode of transport, but a vital link in the area’s economic and social fabric.

Restoring Railroad Legacy: TAG #80’s Revival!

The Art of Preservation: Restoring TAG #80 to Original Glory At the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, history isn’t just stored — it’s revived. One of our latest endeavors, the restoration of TAG 80, is a testament to that mission. This isn’t just any locomotive; it’s the first production GP38 ever made by EMD. Understanding the…