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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Steam Engine Restoration

The “Steam Engine Restoration” tag chronicles the meticulous efforts and passion poured into reviving historic steam engines at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Witness the transformation of these engineering marvels from their dormant states to their former glory, and understand the dedication required to keep history alive on rails.

Steam Queen #630 gets a new Flue

A brand new flue has been installed in Steam Queen #630 as she gets ready for an August return to service. This engine passed the hydro test a few days ago and will undergo her annual FRA check before rolling along the rails at TVRM. Get your tickets now –┬áMissionary Ridge Local Train Ride

Historic Locomotive 4501 Returns: Join the Celebration at TVRM’s Railfest!

Breaking News! The moment railroad enthusiasts and history buffs have been waiting for is almost here. The legendary locomotive 4501 will make its public debut at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s (TVRM) Railfest on September 6 & 7, and it promises to be an unforgettable experience. 4501 will be under steam, operating at TVRM during…

The Resilient Journey of Southern Railway 630

The Resilient Journey of Southern Railway 630 The sight of the Southern Railway 630 billowing steam stands as a testament to history, resurrected. Brought to life in 1904 by the American Locomotive Company (ALCO), the 630, with its Class K designation, has witnessed transformative events in the world of railroading. Its signature 2-8-0 wheel arrangement,…