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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Southern 6914

The Southern 6914, an iconic locomotive with a rich lineage, holds a special place in the annals of railway history and the heart of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. On our News and Update blog, we take readers on a journey through time, retracing the steps of this legendary engine, its remarkable achievements, and the lasting legacy it leaves behind. The Southern 6914 is not just a locomotive; it’s a testament to engineering marvel and the indomitable spirit of the railroad era.

Dive into detailed accounts of the Southern 6914’s adventures, its evolution over the years, and the meticulous restoration efforts that bring its history to life. Our posts tagged under ‘Southern 6914’ aim to celebrate and preserve the memories of this iconic machine. Whether you’re an ardent railroad aficionado or a newcomer to the world of trains, the tales of the Southern 6914 will captivate your imagination and transport you to a bygone era of railroading.

Founder’s Day – September 9, 2023

Come out and join us as we celebrate 62+ years of railroad preservation! Special Events throughout the day: Special Photo Exhibit in the lobby of Grand Junction Depot: “Steam in the Valley, TVRM’s Early Years” by John Coniglio On the grounds “history interpretation” will represent Military encampment and demonstrations. Also on display – a few…

Captivating Encounter with Norfolk Southern: Southern Railway E8 No. 6914 in Historic Meet-up

For Wednesday’s Atlanta bound NS inspection train, TVRM placed Southern Railway E8 6914, Central of Georgia combine car 390, TAG 80 and Southern Railway 50 on display at the end of the interchange track at Grand Junction.  In these two shots by Mike Ray you see the passing train and the display equipment and then…

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Celebrates 60 Years of Preserving Railroad History

October 8, 2021 Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Celebrates 60 Years of Preserving Railroad History Chattanooga, TN — The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) has been preserving railroad history since 1961, and this month, it is kicking off a year-long celebration that will highlight the museum’s 60-year heritage with two weekends of special events and displays….

Highlights of the collection

Showcasing a Slice of Railroad History at Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) has always championed the vision of being more than a static showcase of railroad history – we aim to be a ‘Museum that Moves’. With a diverse range of historic pieces in our collection, we offer an immersive…