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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Savannah and Atlanta

Delve into the rich railroading history of the Southeast with our ‘Savannah and Atlanta at Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’ blog tag. This series of posts explores the unique connection and historical significance of Savannah and Atlanta in the realm of rail transport, as showcased at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. From detailed accounts of historic train routes to the preservation of classic locomotives and railcars linked to these iconic cities, each post is a journey through time, celebrating the legacy and impact of railroads in Savannah and Atlanta.

X252 Caboose: Summerville’s Holiday Star

Cherish the Season: X252 Caboose Arrives for Summerville’s Festive Display The holiday spirit chugs along to Summerville this year with a very special guest: the historic X252 caboose, formerly of the Savannah and Atlanta railway, is rolling into town for a seasonal showcase. This vibrant piece of railroading history will be joining the festive fray…