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Tennessee Valley Railroad News


Eric Church’s ‘Creepin” Video: A Vintage Tale

Eric Church’s ‘Creepin” Video: A Vintage Tale On occasion we are a go-to for mainly country music artists to shoot a music video using our old equipment. Eric Church shot his music video, “Creepin’”, using just locomotive 630 and the right of way. The entire time the video was being made, the music was being…

A Festive Throwback: TVRM’s 1976 “SMOKE & CINDERS”

Nostalgia on Rails: A Glimpse into TVRM’s Festive Past A special thanks to John for sharing a piece of the past that binds us all together, even as we move ahead at diverging speeds. As 2020 draws to a close, it’s a moment to look back, reminisce, and appreciate the history that brought us here….