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Tennessee Valley Railroad News


Discover the power and majesty of the Locomotive at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. This post dives into the heart of railroading, exploring the various types of locomotives housed at the museum, from steam giants to modern diesels. Learn about their history, mechanics, and the roles they’ve played in shaping the nation’s infrastructure and culture. Whether you’re a seasoned rail enthusiast or a curious newcomer, uncover the stories and engineering marvels behind these iconic machines that continue to captivate and inspire.

Santa’s Coal Surprise: A Christmas Meme Laugh

A Christmas Chuckle: Santa’s Coal Surprise! Ho, ho, ho! It’s that time of the year again when stockings are hung, trees are decorated, and we all anticipate Santa’s special gifts. However, not everyone dreads the notorious coal in their stocking – especially if they have a steam locomotive to run! Take a look at this…

Join Thomas’s Last Ride Today in Chattanooga 2017 – Don’t Miss Out!

All Aboard for Thomas’s Last Ride of the Day in Chattanooga: A Family Adventure Awaits As the sun sets over the scenic city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, a beloved figure in the world of railroads prepares for his last journey of the day. Thomas, the well-known locomotive, is set to return to Grand Junction for his…