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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Locomotive 630

Step back in time and explore the riveting history of Locomotive 630. Nestled within the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, this tag chronicles the adventures, significance, and technical marvels of one of the most iconic locomotives in railroading history.

Eric Church’s ‘Creepin” Video: A Vintage Tale

Eric Church’s ‘Creepin” Video: A Vintage Tale On occasion we are a go-to for mainly country music artists to shoot a music video using our old equipment. Eric Church shot his music video, “Creepin’”, using just locomotive 630 and the right of way. The entire time the video was being made, the music was being…

The Iconic Journey of Locomotive 630 at Chattanooga

Locomotive 630: A Majestic Sight at Chattanooga’s Historic Locations Today, we’re thrilled to share a snapshot of railroad history featuring the legendary Locomotive 630. Captured on the south leg of the wye at the former Chattanooga Terminal Station, now the renowned Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, this image is more than just a photograph – it’s…

Steam Locomotive 630’s Historic Run

The air is tinged with anticipation and the unmistakable scent of coal smoke. It’s a significant day for railroad enthusiasts and history buffs alike – Steam Locomotive 630 is alive and under its own power for the first time since November 1989. The once silent giant, dormant for decades, is now a thundering testament to…