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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Holiday Humor

Get ready to jingle all the way with our “Holiday Humor” Tennessee Valley Railroad tag at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum News and Update blog. This section is filled with light-hearted, festive cheer, highlighting the humorous and joyful moments that make holiday train rides on the Tennessee Valley Railroad a unique and memorable experience. From funny anecdotes shared by conductors to the laughter-filled interactions with holiday characters, each post is a testament to the fun and merriment that the holiday season brings, ensuring every journey is not just a ride, but a rollicking good time.

Santa’s Coal Surprise: A Christmas Meme Laugh

A Christmas Chuckle: Santa’s Coal Surprise! Ho, ho, ho! It’s that time of the year again when stockings are hung, trees are decorated, and we all anticipate Santa’s special gifts. However, not everyone dreads the notorious coal in their stocking – especially if they have a steam locomotive to run! Take a look at this…