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Tennessee Valley Railroad News


Experience the magical world of elves at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum! Our special elves-themed events are a delight for the whole family, offering a festive journey through a winter wonderland aboard our charming trains. Meet and interact with joyful elves, enjoy enchanting storytelling, and immerse yourself in a whimsical setting that brings the spirit of the holidays to life. Perfect for creating lasting memories, these enchanting train rides capture the essence of holiday magic, making them an ideal seasonal outing for children and adults alike.

North Pole Limited: Christmas Elves at Tennessee Railroad

North Pole Limited: A Festive Christmas Experience at Tennessee Valley Railroad As winter draws near, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum invites you to embark on a magical journey aboard the North Pole Limited. Since 1999, this beloved annual event has become a cherished family tradition, captivating hearts during the holiday season. A Festive Adventure to…