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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Eastern Dome Cars

The “Eastern Dome Cars” tag at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is your window to the majestic world of panoramic rail travel. This tag celebrates the iconic dome cars that once traversed the Eastern U.S., offering unparalleled views of the countryside and skyline. Discover the history, restoration efforts, and unique journeys of these architectural marvels on rails. Explore posts detailing the experiences, design innovations, and the enduring allure of traveling under a vast, glass-enclosed dome that brings the outside in for an unforgettable journey through time and scenery.

Reviving a Railroad Treasure: The Journey of C&O 1877

Celebrating the Historic Comeback of C&O 1877 When I first laid eyes on #C&O1877, it was hard to imagine that a day like today would ever arrive. Witnessing the transformation of this historic railcar has been nothing short of miraculous. The owner, filled with pride, watched as the once-forgotten car was ready for operation after…