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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

December Celebrations

The “December Celebrations” tag at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is your ticket to the most festive and heartwarming events of the season. This tag showcases the magical holiday-themed rides, special Christmas events, and end-of-year reflections unique to TVRM. Immerse yourself in posts filled with the spirit of joy, community, and railroading nostalgia as we highlight the lights, decorations, and traditions that make December at the museum a time of enchantment and shared memories for families and train enthusiasts alike.

Delano’s Hiwassee Train: The Ultimate Holiday Experience on Rails

Celebrate the Season with the Hiwassee Holiday Train Experience! The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and we’re thrilled to announce the opening weekend of our much-anticipated Hiwassee Holiday Train! This festive journey, departing from Delano, TN, promises to be an unforgettable experience for passengers of all ages. All Aboard for a…