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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Day Trips

Set off on an unforgettable rail adventure with our Day Trips news tag, where we spotlight the latest offerings and seasonal events designed for families, history buffs, and casual explorers alike. Our posts delve into the unique day trips aboard our historic trains, providing a window into the past through scenic routes and educational stops that highlight the railway’s impact on regional development and culture. Each journey is crafted to offer an engaging, informative experience, allowing passengers to relish the charm and historical significance of travel by train, all curated by the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.

Explore History on the Chickamauga Turn Train Trip

Explore History on the Chickamauga Turn Train Trip Are you ready for an enchanting train journey that combines the allure of travel with the richness of history? The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s Chickamauga Turn offers just that – a captivating day trip to Chickamauga, Georgia, brimming with historical charm and comfort. What to Expect on…