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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Costumes on Rails

Step into a world of imagination with ‘Costumes on Rails’ at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Our blog celebrates this creative event, where passengers are invited to don costumes and enjoy a themed train ride. From historical figures to contemporary characters, each post showcases the vibrant and diverse costumes seen on these special journeys. Discover the joy of dressing up, learn about themed events, and get tips on costume ideas. Perfect for families and enthusiasts alike, our posts capture the fun and excitement of combining the magic of costumes with the charm of rail travel.

Last Chance: Halloween Eerie Express Costume Extravaganza!

Halloween Eerie Express: Costumes, Rails, and October Magic! As the grand finale of October approaches, the Halloween Eerie Express is not slowing down but rather gearing up, presenting some of the most memorable costume moments we’ve seen! Each year, this event becomes a convergence of creativity, laughter, and Halloween spirit. And this weekend, it promises…