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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Costume Carnival

Get ready for a whirlwind of fun and fantasy with the Costume Carnival at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Our blog transports you to this vibrant event where history meets imagination. Discover how guests of all ages revel in donning costumes, participating in themed activities, and enjoying festive train rides. These posts highlight the joyous atmosphere, creative costumes, and the unique blend of historical education with playful entertainment, making the Costume Carnival a not-to-be-missed event at TVRM.

Last Chance: Halloween Eerie Express Costume Extravaganza!

Halloween Eerie Express: Costumes, Rails, and October Magic! As the grand finale of October approaches, the Halloween Eerie Express is not slowing down but rather gearing up, presenting some of the most memorable costume moments we’ve seen! Each year, this event becomes a convergence of creativity, laughter, and Halloween spirit. And this weekend, it promises…