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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Christmas on Rails

Celebrate the holiday season with ‘Christmas on Rails’ at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum! Our blog features festive updates and stories from this joyous event, showcasing the unique blend of holiday cheer and historic train journeys. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Christmas as you embark on themed train rides, surrounded by sparkling lights, seasonal music, and heartwarming activities for all ages. Each post offers a glimpse into the special experiences and magical moments that make ‘Christmas on Rails’ a cherished holiday tradition for families and train enthusiasts alike.

A Festive Throwback: TVRM’s 1976 “SMOKE & CINDERS”

Nostalgia on Rails: A Glimpse into TVRM’s Festive Past A special thanks to John for sharing a piece of the past that binds us all together, even as we move ahead at diverging speeds. As 2020 draws to a close, it’s a moment to look back, reminisce, and appreciate the history that brought us here….