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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Chessie System

Journey through the storied history of the Chessie System at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Our blog illuminates the legacy of this iconic railroad network, famous for its ‘Chessie’ cat logo. Delve into the evolution of the Chessie System, from its early days to its merger and lasting impact on railroading. We explore the locomotives, rolling stock, and memorabilia preserved at TVRM, offering insights into the technological advancements and cultural significance of the Chessie System, and how it shaped the American railroad landscape.

Reviving a Railroad Treasure: The Journey of C&O 1877

Celebrating the Historic Comeback of C&O 1877 When I first laid eyes on #C&O1877, it was hard to imagine that a day like today would ever arrive. Witnessing the transformation of this historic railcar has been nothing short of miraculous. The owner, filled with pride, watched as the once-forgotten car was ready for operation after…