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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Car No. 390

Embark on a journey through the tales and tracks of Car No. 390 with the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. This historic railcar, with its rich heritage and unique design features, stands as a testament to the golden era of rail travel. Explore its stories, significance, and restoration projects through our curated articles on the News and Update blog.

Car No. 390: A Railway Gem’s Restoration Journey

Around the Shop: Car No. 390’s Revival Nestled in the heart of our shop, the historic Central of Georgia Railway combination (often referred to as a ‘combine’) car No. 390 has recently been stationed on track 7, awaiting some much-needed attention. This isn’t just any routine check-up. The ‘doctor’ – our team of expert restorers…

The Priceless Craft of Coach Restoration

The Intricacies and Costs of Restoring a Classic Coach When we speak about restoration, often the image conjured up is that of an artist delicately refreshing a faded painting. However, in the world of transportation, restoration takes on an entirely new dimension. Restoring a classic coach isn’t just about bringing an old piece of machinery…