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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Car 390

Dive deep into the tales and transformations of Car 390 at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. This tag captures the history, milestones, and intricacies of Car 390, a distinguished piece of our railroading heritage, embodying the essence of classic train travel.

A Glorious Journey: From Nancy Hanks II to the North Pole Limited – The Tale of Car 390

Stepping back in time, few could predict the storied life that Car 390 would lead. Built in 1947 by American Car and Foundry, this remarkable railway carriage first served the Central of Georgia’s famed train “the Nancy Hanks II”. As of recent, it is set to grace the tracks again in its original Central of…

The Priceless Craft of Coach Restoration

The Intricacies and Costs of Restoring a Classic Coach When we speak about restoration, often the image conjured up is that of an artist delicately refreshing a faded painting. However, in the world of transportation, restoration takes on an entirely new dimension. Restoring a classic coach isn’t just about bringing an old piece of machinery…