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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Boyles Yard

Immerse yourself in the industrial ballet of Boyles Yard, a pivotal rail complex developed by the Louisville & Nashville Railway and now operated by CSX near Boyles Gap. This post navigates through the yard’s transformation from its 1909 origins to a modern rail marvel. Learn about the old yard near Birmingham Municipal Airport, the new hump yard’s development, and the preserved artifacts like the 36-stall roundhouse and turntable now at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Discover the yard’s evolution, its technological advancements, and its enduring impact on Southern railroading.

Summerville’s Historic Railroad Turntable

The Historic Summerville Railroad Turntable: A Testament to the Golden Age of Railroads In the heart of Summerville lies a relic from a bygone era, a testament to the days when railroads were the lifeblood of commerce and travel. The Summerville Railroad Turntable, a massive 90-ton steel structure, stands as a symbol of the golden…