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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Birmingham Special

Step aboard the Birmingham Special at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum and travel back in time to experience the grandeur of classic American rail travel. This post captures the essence of this historic train, detailing its significance, the routes it once traversed, and the stories it carries. Readers will get an intimate look at the luxury and engineering that made the Birmingham Special a legend of the rails.

Smoke & Cinders (3rd Quarter 2018) – Doubleheading at TVRM

Doubleheading at TVRM If there’s anything more exciting than a train powered by a steam locomotive, it’s a train powered by two steam locomotives. Some of our most popular excursions include TVRM’s Summerville Steam Specials, when Southern 630 and 4501 are on the point. While these trips provide a lot of sensory stimulation, a more…

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September 12, 2018