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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Archives Relocation

The Archives Relocation at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is a significant milestone in our journey of preserving railroad history. This tag is dedicated to chronicling the progress, challenges, and triumphs of relocating our precious archives. Through these posts, we share insights into the meticulous process of moving historical documents, photographs, and artifacts, the creation of a new, state-of-the-art archival space, and the continued efforts to safeguard our rich heritage. Follow this tag for updates and stories behind the scenes of this monumental project at TVRM.

Smoke & Cinders (4th Quarter 2018) – Thirty Tons of Archives

The Evolution of the Southern Railway Historical Association’s Archive: From Shaky Beginnings to a Steady Home The Southern Railway Historical Association (SRHA) was established in 1986 at the previous Southern Railway’s Spencer Shops, presently known as The North Carolina Transportation Museum. From the onset, both individuals and Norfolk Southern identified the SRHA as an organization…

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November 12, 2018