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Clover Colony

The Pullman Company built the Clover Colony in 1920. It is a sleeping car from the company whose name is synonymous with railroad sleeping accommodations. It was originally built as a 12-1 sleeping car, named Bernadotte. It was built from the classic plan 2410F, Lot 4574.  It entered Pullman Pool service after being completed.  The Bernadotte was air conditioned with a chilled brine system, having been installed in the mid 1930s. In August 1940, the Bernadotte entered Pullman’s Calumet Shops for a rebuild. It was converted from a 12-1 sleeping car to a 8-5 sleeping car, meaning there are eight open section-type sleeping accommodations (akin to bunk beds) and five compartment-type sleeping accommodations (more private, similar to a small bedroom). When it emerged from the rebuilt, the car was renamed Clover Colony. The Clover Colony was sold to the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1947, along with 15 other 8-5 sleeping cars, when the Pullman Company’s operating division was divided up amongst the railroads that operated Pullman cars after federal anti-trust lawsuits. The car remained painted Pullman green 1957, when it was painted in Southern Pacific Railroad colors. The name Clover Colony was also replaced with number 8351 at this time. A shower was added in 1964.  The Clover Colony was sold to the High Iron Company in 1968. It received Timken roller bearings shortly after being sold to the High Iron Company. The Tennessee Valley Railroad would eventually gain ownership of the car. While TVRM does not offer overnight trips in which the Clover Colony could be put to its original use, the car often travels on our longer excursions, offering first class seating options for passengers. The interior of the car is decorated in its 1940s decor, transporting passengers to the decade when the Pullman Company was at its height, and passengers traveling overnight could travel in Pullman safety and comfort.


Car: Clover Colony

Car Type: 8-5 Sleeping Car

Operators: Pullman Company, Southern Pacific Railroad, High Iron Company, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: Pullman Company

Date Built: 1920

Paint Scheme: Colonial Red

Lettered: Tennessee Valley

Status: Operational