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Clover Colony

Built in 1920 by the Pullman Company, the Clover Colony is a historic sleeping car known for its association with top-tier railroad sleeping accommodations. Initially called the Bernadotte, this 12-1 sleeping car was designed based on the classic plan 2410F, Lot 4574, and entered Pullman Pool service upon completion. In the mid-1930s, the Bernadotte was equipped with air conditioning through a chilled brine system.

In August 1940, the car underwent a major rebuild at Pullman’s Calumet Shops, transforming it from a 12-1 to an 8-5 sleeping car, featuring eight open section-type sleeping arrangements and five compartment-type accommodations. After this renovation, the car was renamed Clover Colony.

In 1947, the Southern Pacific Railroad purchased the Clover Colony, along with 15 other 8-5 sleeping cars, following the division of the Pullman Company’s operating division among several railroads as a result of federal anti-trust lawsuits. The car maintained its Pullman green color until 1957 when it was repainted in Southern Pacific Railroad colors, and its name was replaced with the number 8351. A shower was installed in 1964.

The High Iron Company acquired the Clover Colony in 1968 and added Timken roller bearings shortly thereafter. Eventually, the Tennessee Valley Railroad (TVRM) took ownership of the car. Although TVRM does not provide overnight trips for the Clover Colony’s original purpose, the car often features on longer excursions, offering first-class seating options for passengers. The interior is adorned with 1940s décor, transporting riders back to the era when the Pullman Company was at its peak, providing safe and comfortable overnight travel experiences.


Car: Clover Colony

Car Type: 8-5 Sleeping Car

Operators: Pullman Company, Southern Pacific Railroad, High Iron Company, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: Pullman Company

Date Built: 1920

Paint Scheme: Colonial Red

Lettered: Tennessee Valley

Status: Operational