Southern 630

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Name: Southern 630

Railroad of Record: Southern Railway

Locomotive Number: 630

Type of Locomotive: Consolidation

Date Built: 1904

Date Rebuilt: 2011

Locomotive Weight: 214,000 lb

Driver Diameter: 56 in

Cylinders: 24 in x 30 in

Tractive Effort: 46,700 lbf

Builders Number: 28446

Paint Scheme: Black

Current trip assignments: Summerville Steam Specials, Missionary Ridge Local

The American Locomotive Company, also known as ALCO, built the 630 for the Southern Railway in 1904. The wheel arrangement of this engine is a 2-8-0, known as a Consolidation. 630 spent many years in service out of Asheville, North Carolina serving on the Murphy and Lake Toxaway Branches until sold to the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad in 1952. The engine came to TVRM in 1978 and operated until 1989 when removed from service, being in need of a major overhaul. The engine was restored over a period of ten years, at a cost of almost $700,000. This restoration was completed in 2011 and has been called one of the most extensive overhauls on a steam locomotive since the end of the steam era.