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A Painter's Touch on the Rails

Remembering Gary Wayne Webb: A Life Well-Painted

Gary Wayne Webb, aged 72 and formerly of Jasper, TN, left us on December 29th, 2023, leaving behind a vibrant palette of memories painted over a lifetime of passion and dedication. A retired locomotive painter, Gary’s artistry can still be seen on the equipment at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum—a testament to his skill and love for trains.

As we honor Gary, we reflect not just on his professional life but the man he was—loved by his family, admired by friends, and respected by colleagues. Gary never met a stranger, a testament to his warm and welcoming nature. His work on the railways and beyond painted a picture of a man dedicated to his craft and community.

After retiring from Norfolk Southern, Gary continued to leave his mark at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, where his work contributed significantly to the preservation of railroading history. Each paint job told a story of the past, keeping the spirit of the railways alive for future generations.