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L&N Historical Society Moves to Chattanooga: Enhancing Southern Railroad Research & Preservation

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) and the Southern Railway Historical Association (SRHA) have entered into an agreement with the L&N Historical Society (LNHS) to relocate the LNHS headquarters, archives, and company store from Bowling Green, KY to Chattanooga, TN. LNHS will occupy space in the existing archive facility on Turntable Dr, which is part of the TVRM Grand Junction campus. The L&NHS Board of Directors on March 11th voted unanimously to approve the agreement.

The TVRM-owned building was constructed in 2011 and was acquired during 2018. The interior has since been modified, so that railroad archives can be suitably and safely housed. The SRHA moved its archives to the building during 2018. LNHS will relocate to Chattanooga as soon as additional space in the Chattanooga facility can be made ready. LNHS will occupy approximately 2,500 square feet of space.

While the LNHS relationship with the Historic L&N Depot and Railroad Museum has been beneficial to both organizations, there is insufficient space at Bowling Green to allow the L&NHS archives to be properly displayed, protected, and expanded, or research to be conducted. In addition, the L&N Depot and Railroad Museum also has needs for more space making this move welcome to both groups.

LNHS President Lee Gordon stated, “Completing this project will allow L&NHS to achieve its mission — ‘to engage in the collection and preservation of information, vestiges, artifacts, and other items of historical and technical interest concerning the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company, its predecessors, successors…’ Further he stated “When this move has been completed, L&NHS will have: (a) adequate space for archives to be organized and stored, (b) space to expand archives by accepting donations from L&NHS members and others, including artifacts, (c) and space to conduct research on the L&N.”

SRHA is pleased to welcome the L&NHS archives to the Center for Southeastern Railroad Research at TVRM. We firmly believe that close working relationships with TVRM and other railroad historical organizations is the best way to ensure the preservation of the documents, photographs, and drawings of the railroads of the Tennessee Valley and the South. The combined manpower and resources of TVRM, SRHA, and the L&NHS will help maintain and grow their ability to preserve material, provide a research facility, and educate historians, modelers, and railfans.

TVRM President Tim Andrews stated: “TVRM is pleased to welcome the L&NHS to our Chattanooga archive facility. The draw of Chattanooga and TVRM as a central point for research regarding Southeastern railroad history continues to attract new partners. The considerable investment in a first-class archive facility will continue to pay dividends for further growth in the future.