US Army 610

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Name: US Army 610

Railroad of Record: 

Locomotive Number: 610

Type of Locomotive: Consolidation

Date Built: 1952

Date Rebuilt: 1991

Locomotive Weight:  163,000 lb

Driver Diameter:  56 in

Cylinders:  20 in x  26 in

Tractive Effort:  34,100 lbf

Builders Number: 75503

Paint Scheme: Black

Current trip assignments: None

610- The Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation built the 610 in 1952 for the U.S. Army.  It was one of the last steam locomotives built for service in this country.  The Army used the 610 as a training locomotive, preparing crews to operate on European railroads if the need arose, and they retired it in the early 1960s.  After coming to TVRM in 1978, the locomotive was restored to operation and it has been in nearly continuous service since 1991.  The 610 is currently out of service awaiting a major overhaul after which it will re-enter service at TVRM.