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Smoke & Cinders (1st Quarter 2018) – Hiwassee River Railroad: Always an Adventure

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Hiwassee River Railroad: Always an Adventure

The Hiwassee District of TVRM had a banner year 2018. We set an attendance record of over 18,000 passengers, established a new ride option for schools and a new-to-us Dome Car was put in service in September. We also completed needed additions to our infrastructure at the Gee Creek loading ramp that included electricity, water and internet.

Our newest trip option were school field trips. We introduced these in 2017 and it has been big hit with school systems in the area. For many students, this is their first train ride, and they love it. The trip leaves from the ramp at Gee Creek/Hiwassee-Ocoee River State Park
and travels South to the Appalachia Powerhouse. The Powerhouse is a TVA hydroelectric facility that utilizes water from the Appalachia Dam 9 miles away. Once at the Powerhouse, the train makes a shove move back to the ramp. It generally takes about one hour and fifteen minutes. There are plenty of learning opportunites along the way. Last year the students saw a bald eagle that had just caught a trout and was standing on a rock enjoying breakfast. The train was alive with elementary aged boys saying, “ Ooooh wow, cool!” And the girls simply saying,“EEEEWWWWWW!”

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