Andrews Raid 150th Anniversary Commemorative Weekend ~ April 14 & 15, 2012



Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum will observe the 150th Anniversary of Andrew’s Raid, commonly called The Great Locomotive Chase


On the weekend of April 14 and 15, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) will host a program highlighting the American Civil War’s impact on Chattanooga’s railroads.  Emphasis will be on The Great Locomotive Chase of April 12, 1862, and the building and Civil War operation of the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad between Chattanooga and Cleveland, over which TVRM operates today.  As one of the targets of Andrews’ Raid was the East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad’s bridge over South Chickamauga Creek, it is only appropriate that the anniversary of the event be recognized along with the 50th anniversary of the locomotive “General’s" restoration and operation.

A TVRM historian will conduct a program several times each day. TVRM’s wooden caboose, which has some interior furnishings very similar to passenger cars used during 1862, will be available for rides that weekend behind TVRM’s steam locomotive No. 630, built in 1904. Weather permitting, walking tours will be conducted to the original Civil War bridge and battle site at Grand Junction station. These programs will be free of charge while train rides over the 1859 railroad will be at the standard rates.

While the locomotive “General” today is inside a building in Kennesaw, Georgia (Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History), TVRM will attempt to bring the legend of this historic locomotive alive with the airing of a film of the “General” being rebuilt and operated in 1962, as well as the playing of a recording of it in operation.

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caboose interior            original pier


Speicial displays will include:

  • An actual April 15th, 1862 edition Atlanta newspaper covering the Andrew’s Raid, at the time called "The Great Railroad Chase"
  • An original Western & Atlantic Railroad train ticket, circa 1855
  • Samples of three of the four types of rails used by Southeastern railroads during the war
  • Examples of rail destroyed by heating and bending around a tree known as “Sherman’s Neckties”
  • Several varieties  of Western & Atlantic Railroad script currency used during the Civil War

  • Posters covering civil war railroad freight cars design



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