Experience the beautiful Hiwassee River Gorge!

Since the late Nineteenth Century, passengers and train crews have the pleasure of traveling along one of the most beautiful river gorges in the US as the railroad tracks hug the Hiwassee River.  In the 1960s, the last scheduled passenger train traveled the line thus ending the ability of the public to view this breathtaking landscape from the comfort of the rails except for a period during the steam excursions of the 1980s and 90s.  In 2001, the last freight train traveled the Old Line as CSX ceased operations and the rail line was thought to have been abandoned for good.

Hiwassee River Rails Adventures trainThis changed in 2004. The Tennessee Overhill Association and the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum partnered together for a trial run at passenger excursions along the gorge.  The results were spectacular.

Now Hiwassee River Rail Adventure trains are again set to depart for a full season of scenic views!

In addition, with further improvements made to the railroad, the trip has been lengthened to include riding to the top of the Great Hiwassee Loop. At the top you'll be passing over a bridge 62 feet above the tracks on which you've just traveled as the rails negotiate a spiraling formation. The Loop track has been known by many names, Great Hiwassee Loop, Bald Mountain Loop, and Hook & Eye to name a few, but you'll call it amazing!

The 2011 season begins on May 28. View the schedule calendar HERE. For trip information, click HERE.

Tickets can now be ordered online by clicking HERE.

New for 2011 is "Zip, Rail & Roll" which is available on all "Copperhill Special" dates June through September.

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