Hiwassee Premium Seating - Dome Observation

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All trains on the Hiwassee line feature comfortable coach seating with large viewing windows for our standard service. In addition to coach seating, additional options are now available, including Dome and Observation areas.


Former Canadian Pacific "Algonquin Park" offers high-level dome and comfortable observation-lounge seating. Dome seating allows passengers a panoramic view of the passing scenery from high above the car.  Observation lounge seating gives passengers a unique view of the passing railroad from the end of the car which will be on the rear of the train in one direction.  While traveling in the other direction, the car will be directly behind the locomotive. Both seating options  in “Algonquin Park” include complimentary snack service.

*Please note that this car was built in the 1950s and contains design features common during its day. These features include tight passage ways, several steps up and down, and a narrow set of seven stairs leading up to the dome section. Due to its historic nature and design elements, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 expressly exempts such cars from accommodating wheelchair devices. Although we offer boarding ramps at both Etowah and Copperhill and make every reasonable effort to accommodate all passengers, we do not recommend this particular car for those who have mobility issues. Passengers who can board and move within the cars independently, or with assistance from their traveling companions, will find coach seating to be less challenging.

Interior photos of the "Algonquin Park" car (dome at left, observation at right):