Partner with TVRM

Partnership marketing with the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is mutually beneficial. 

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About Us
  • Largest historic railroad in the Southeast.
  • Established in 1961 and celebrating 56 years in operation in 2017.
  • Centrally located to major feeder markets such as Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham, and Knoxville.
  • Attraction caters to a family target audience.
  • Attendance exceeds 100,000 consumers annually.


Customized Partnerships
  • Partnerships are customized to meet and exceed your company’s needs.
  • Seasonal marketing events which can reach niche audiences.
  • A signature historical tourism attraction which is heavily promoted in the East Tennessee and Atlanta areas.
  • We desire to have long-term relationships with key companies.


Marketing Assets
  • Local/Regional Media (print, radio and television)
  • Grand Junction Depot
  • Dining cars, Eden Isle private car, Equipment
  • Special event catering
  • Smoke & Cinders Newsletter
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Rack Brochures
  • Museum Displays
  • Ticketbacks and online ticketing



Brent Lambert

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

(423) 894-8028, Ext. 1018