Fled 1995 - 6 The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum has been involved in numerous film productions throughout the years.  Let us be your railroad production when your needs call for operational railway equipment. 


We have a wide variety of historic rail cars and coaches, including heavyweight coaches, Pullman cars, dining cars, and a 1917 business car with a “whistle stop speech” platform on the back. 


Fully functional locomotives include a 1904 coal burning steam engine and diesel locomotives from 1945 through the mid-1960’s.  Lightweight passenger cars from the 1950’s are included in the collection to replicate the streamliner era. 


Freight cars can depict everything from turn-of-the-century to modern times.  Contact our Railroad Filming Coordinator today to discuss your needs for operating railway equipment.


Filming in Chattanooga at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum has many advantages. Click here to download more information

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