The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is home to numerous pieces of restored, historic equipment.  Southern #630 will be heading special excursions and FP-7 #6133 is visiting to lead Missionary Ridge Local trains.




630-14 (2)



Southern Railway 2-8-0 #630 - Built in 1904 by the American Locomotive Company Richmond Works; restored to operation at TVRM in 2011.  For a history timeline and more photos, click here







Southern Railway FP7 #6133 - Guest locomotive FP-7 #6133 will be making a repeat appearance at Railfest this year, pulling Missionary Ridge Local trains throughout the festival.  This locomotive was a very popular attraction at Railfest 2011.  The visit is courtesy of our friends at the North Carolina Transportation Museum.







NS loco

Modern Power - Our main sponsor, Norfolk Southern, has provided a modern diesel-electric locomotive for display such as GP40-2 #3052.  Paired with #3052 is "slug" #316 which is a un-powered unit added to spread out tractive effort using the still-operational traction motors.  In addition to those locomotives actually on display, NS freights will constantly parade past Grand Junction Station on their main line adjacent to the TVRM property.  Bring your camera as you never know when one of the twenty, specially-painted Heritage Units will pass by!








Southern Railway GP30 #2594 - Built by EMD in 1962; donated by Norfolk Southern to the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia.  This locomotive is leased by TVRM and used frequently to pull Chickamauga Turn and monthly dinner trains.  More info about #2594 here.





NS Exhibit Car Norfolk Southern Exhibit Car - The Exhibit Car is a restored 1926 Pullman passenger car that was converted to a mobile museum. In its 41 years of service as a display car, more than 1.5 million people have viewed it in hundreds of cities across NS’ railway system. It features information about Norfolk Southern’s employee volunteer program and its sustainability and safety initiatives. The most popular feature is a locomotive simulator, complete with throttle, brake, and horn, which puts guests in control of a virtual freight train.







NC&StL Caboose #41 - Built in 1929 for the Florida East Coast Railway, Caboose #41 ended its revenue service career on the "Mountain Goat Line" between Cowan and Tracy City, Tennessee, where it was used as a "Drover's Caboose" which allowed local residents to ride on freight trains.  The caboose will be on display and open for inspection.






eden isle  


TVRM Business Car #98 Eden Isle - Built in 1917 for the Baltimore & Ohio  private car fleet, Car #98 was used by B&O executives as they traveled around their system taking care of business before being sold into private ownership.  Car #98 has called TVRM home for nearly 35 years.  The car will be on display and open for inspection.








Brainy! - Meet Brainy and learn about safety around railroad tracks.  He'll teach you how to "Train your Brain" to stay safe and out of harm's way near railroad tracks and road crossings.







Robert West



Railroad Artist Robert West will be exhibiting his well-known artwork at Railfest.  You will enjoy visiting with and viewing Robert's outstanding work.  Learn more about Mr. West here






Jim Jordan


Railroad Artist Jim Jordan will present his rail-related work at Railfest. Jim has been a published artist for nearly 35 years and features many local subjects. Learn more about Mr. Jordan here






Model train layouts will be presented by:


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